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Friday Night
Friday Night will start with a fun informative workshop , Easily Wired — Networking with No Unnatural Acts — featuring Irene Anderson, our OAAAPT President.  With over 17 years of experience in corporate Canada before opening her own coaching/facilitating business four years ago, Irene has learned a lot about networking.
Irene is often the one who introduces speakers at the conference, but  the Board finally persuaded her to agree to be the one on the podium sharing her wealth of knowledge.  We’re excited for you to hear some of the information she has always readily shared with us behind the scenes. Irene’s philosophy is an all encompassing one : when one of us succeeds we all do!
Have you ever been to a How To Network Session that just made you want to run the other way?  Probably because you realized your not-so-strong points in selling yourself.  Well this time you will discover a way that you can use your talents and abilities so you will be a natural the next time you talk about your business/career.
So, whether you are an employee, an employer, or an entrepreneur we know that you will benefit from learning how to use your innate temperament to create even more success.  Come have some fun getting to know how to enjoy networking, followed by a wine and cheese reception.   To attend Friday night or the entire conference, please follow this link.
Saturday Event
Saturday features a well known member of OAAPT family, Scott Campbell.  His workshop — Decisions, Decisions, Decisions: Exploring the Hidden Forces that Shape Them is the direct result of conference attendees last year asking for more on the topic of neuroscience. Before you glaze over, if you were not here last year, Scott brings you the new findings in a way that you will enjoy and relate to as a type and /or or temperament facilitator.
Scott focuses on the notion of  understanding yourself and others better with the knowledge of how personality type plays a role when you are confronted with making a choice. Have you ever noticed, for example, how the grocery store has different music at different times of the day?  Do you think that is random? Think again. It is based on studies of how people shop and who is shopping at the time of the day usually.  For example, I was in a drugstore on Seniors’ day and remarked on the music which was different that day at that time than usual.  Want to know her answer?  She said, “Well on Seniors day our research told us that the majority of the shoppers between specific hours are boomers, so we play the music from their era.  They like it and so they buy more.” No kidding!
If you’d like to know and understand about how we all make decisions, Scott will bring us all up to date on the research and its affects.
Type Horoscopes
by Nancy Tavares-Jones

The autumn holds a lot of promise for you, dear blue.  Journaling will be a large part of your autumn this year, as you reflect on the busy year so far.  Take the time to enjoy the outdoors while reflecting on your year.  Perhaps capture the essence of this year’s autumn by pressing some colourful flowers and leaves into your journal!

The cooler days won’t be stopping you, action-packed orange!  Despite the cooler temperatures, an action packed autumn of hiking, photography and travelling is in your future.  Enjoy the bright colours and the cooler temperatures carefully—safety can sometimes go out the window when enjoying your days.  Otherwise, nursing bumps and bruises will be spent during a large majority of your autumn days!

Preparing for the long winter months is in your future, organized gold.  Packing the wardrobes of summer and preparing for the cooler days will be at the forefront of your mind this fall.  Double check your list, purchase more storage bins and enjoy the transition.  This is going to be an enjoyable venture for you, as the days grow shorter, your enjoyment for transition will grow larger!

The cooler days of autumn will be ripe with star gazing this autumn, inquisitive green! There is no doubt you will be enjoying “Astronomy Day” on October 20th, by gazing out and enjoying the sights that the Milky Way has to offer us.  My crystal ball says you will catch a glimpse of a falling star (or two)!

You are NOT a Robot!
by Irene Anderson

I don’t often read the newspaper – too full of bad news, but recently something caught my eye in the National Post. The book review of Sam Harris’ “Free Will” – YOU, ROBOT. It made such an impact on me, I just had to share my thoughts and opinions.

In his book, Harris suggests that because our brains are hard wired at birth and new studies in brain development show us that we are influenced by our experiences, that we in fact have no ‘free will’ or no choice over our actions. He states – Free will is an illusion. Our wills are simply not of our own making. Thoughts and intentions emerge from background causes of which we are unaware and over which we exert no conscious control.” 

Geez if that were the case, most of us would simply get up every day and do whatever we want to do, with no consideration for the social norms or customs we have created – in a word anarchy. Who would pay the bills? Look after the kids? Get an education?

I have an urge to spend every day walking the beach and doing nothing, contemplating the universe – oh well I guess that’s my brain telling me I’m hard wired to do so. What an excuse for not taking responsibility!

More frighteningly, Harris suggests that criminals are hard wired to do what they do, suggesting that they have no control over their actions – what bunk! Why is it that some people who have been exposed to abuse in childhood choose to heal themselves and take a more positive approach to life, while others use the  experience to repeat the abuse? The simple answer is choice – the action of laying down new neural pathways in the brain to wire your brain to do things differently. It’s about consciously taking on and repeating new and more positive behaviours, ones that serve us as opposed to keeping us safe.

What Harris talks about is true, we have a reptilian brain that is instinctual (fight or flight), we have a limbic brain that runs purely on emotion (highly influenced by our life experience,) the third brain is our rational brain, the brain that we are capable of connecting to that stops us from acting on the impulses of the other two brains. Indeed we do have ‘free will’, if we learn how to access that rational brain. It tells us all the time what we ‘should’ be doing as opposed to what we always do. This would suggest that we are not in fact ROBOTS, but intelligent beings capable of creating new behaviours that are positive.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this, I often get asked does our type or temperament change over time? Is it influenced by abuse, or psychological trauma? Are some people pre-disposed to crime?

Come join us at the OAAPT annual conference (our speaker is Scott Campbell – “Decisions, Decisions, Decisions.”) to hear more about Neuroscience and the impact upon type and temperament.

 Facilitator Tip
by Terry Maynard

I set up the room with different colour of refreshments in each corner by the picture card posters. As people arrive I have music playing and ask them to read the instructions on the slide and remain in the corner of their choice. Once everyone arrives I introduce the purpose of the Party Game and have each person share why the chose their picture card. This then provides an nice segue-way to the workshop introduction. (I guess you can tell I’m a strong Resourceful-Orange facilitator!).



President OAAPT
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