Summer Type Horoscopes

Type Summer Horoscopes
Madame Nancy Tavares-Jones

(Not a legitimate Fortune Teller…)


Blues (NF):  The summer holds some very exciting and caring things for you dear Blue!  Go ahead and embrace the sunshine by stopping to smell the roses, and enjoying time with loved ones.  Those lovely days ahead will also allow you to try some new things such as yoga, creative writing or photography!  Don’t let the lovely sunshine get away from you this summer, and exercise those creative muscles!

Golds (SJ):  The warm months have some special plans for you dear Gold!  Spring cleaning will now be framed as “summer” cleaning as your desire for organization and de-cluttering shouts to be heard!  Dust out that basement or attic and hold that garage sale you’ve always wanted.  You’ll get clean, organized and make a few dollars too!

Oranges (SP):  Trying a new adventure appears to be in the stars for you, adventurous Orange!  Try that new adventure you’ve been secretly yearning to try…kayaking, white water rafting, bungie jumping or the new CN Tower skywalk!  Whatever you do this summer, be safe and have fun!

Greens (NT):  There is no doubt you have already enjoyed the wonderful spectacle of Venus transiting over the sun a few weeks ago, curious Greens!  Your sci-fi tastes buds were only partially satiated; so why not continue with a trip to see the planetarium shows at the Toronto Science Centre or visit the University of Toronto’s live Planetarium shows?  The stars will shine brightly for you this summer, and you can see them shining back at you if you go!



President OAAPT
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