October Newsletter

Type Syndromes and Walking the Talk! 
By:  Jonathan Hughes

As type practitioners, a part of any workshop is often to guide our participants away from the common pitfalls, prejudices and stereotypes that can arise, and towards recognizing the value of all types. For example,  ‘those with a preference for Inquiring Green like to analyze but they can also make quick and decisive decisions when needed’, ‘Authentic Blues like to create harmony but they can also make difficult people-related decisions when needed’; and my favourite  ‘Type should not be an excuse!’.

What is interesting, is that when a participant becomes clear about their Personality Type or Dimension they often then fall into one of a couple of syndromes.

The first is that they see the world through their lens and assume everyone else sees life through the same lens. This lens which focuses on their own type, creates conflict when others react in different ways, we might consider that we have become ‘colour blind’. Linda Berens labels this “BLM” syndrome; that we approach life from the perspective that everyone is and should ‘Be Like Me’.

The second affliction, which for me is actually more severe, Linda labels ‘BLT’. No not ‘Bacon Lettuce and Tomato’, but ‘Be Like Them’. That we actually consider ourselves less worthy than others and we therefore diminish our own style and try to take on the styles of others. This often results in a severe loss of energy and mounting stress.

It’s clear that for us to work at our greatest capacity and create exceptional results, it is imperative to understand our own type, embrace it, and yet also welcome the diversity that we have with others and the value that they bring. When we do this, we actually give ourselves the right and power to make the energy shift between dimensions when we might need to, and we do so from a place that is far less stressful.

As practitioners, we must set a good example and demonstrate the merits of all types/dimensions.  A good test in a workshop is when participants inevitably try to guess the type of the facilitator.  If the guesses are varied and often incorrect, it is likely that the facilitator has done a good job of positively demonstrating all preferences equally.

One caution for us all; if we truly believe in our type product then we must live and breathe type in everything we do. This year at the conference I will be presenting on Dimension Shift: Putting Personality to Work; making sure for our workshop participants that we are not just helping them learn about personality but we are also supporting them in putting personality to work moving forward. One of the exercises we utilize is looking at how we can market Personality Dimensions to our own internal or external customers. It’s interesting how many light bulbs often go off in such seminars with the realisation of how we can use personality type in our own work, i.e. walk the talk!

So, are you putting personality to work?

So, You Want to be Successful?
By: Angelo Di Giorgio
What would you do if you can only succeed? Be honest. Would you begin to live your life more fully and do what you have always wanted to do? Would you notice the many possibilities and opportunities that surround you each and every day? How about choosing to work in a satisfying and enriching role full of positive and meaningful interactions? Sound unattainable? Think again because now is the right time to spread your wings and give your career new life.
Choosing a fulfilling role and immersing yourself in a winning work environment might seem like a less-than-easy task. However, if you knew that such can be achieved sooner than later, what would you do? Success-minded individuals would jump at the opportunity and learn more about how to make it happen. It begins with you – learning your own preferences including your temperament, personality type, interests, aptitudes, transferable skills and workplace values. Isn’t it time to re-discover and re-assess what is most important to you?
It is one thing to talk about success, it is another to actually live it and make it a part of your everyday. I know it requires courage and persistence and risk, too. But is it not worth taking a risk and being persistent and demonstrating courage for the sake of living fully and reaching your ultimate potential? Just imagine the freedom, creativity and passion that may result because of your simple action and mindset to succeed. Isn’t it time to let go of the old ways of thinking and embrace the new ways of working? Besides, wouldn’t you rather work to live rather than live to work? What would you do if you weren’t afraid?
Love may be elusive to some but very real to many others. Confucius once said, ‘Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life’. To me that is synonymous with winning a lottery. We all want to hit the jackpot, right? The good news is that we all have an equal opportunity to succeed and achieve our goals. Get ready and set to win big, that is if you choose to learn more about yourself, decide to live your life goals and passions and most important, love who you are and what you do, everyday!
Angelo Di Giorgio is the Principal and Managing Director of CareerDynamics.ca, a Toronto-based learning and development firm specializing in career development and change management. He can be reached at angelo@careerdynamics.ca or 416.245.2076. Experience the dynamic difference and begin moving toward success, today!



President OAAPT
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