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So You Think You Can Coach?

For the first time in OAPPT history, Irene Anderson, our current President,  joins forces with OAAPT board member Paul Chatterton to deliver what promises to be a dynamic presentation. While both are certified coaches, they bring two different perspectives: Irene runs her own company, Discovery Works!,  while Paul acts as consultant for the LCBO.

Time is running out to register for

So You Think You Can Coach…

Dance in the moment with your clients, Discover the power of integrating Type and Temperament into your coaching that helps create new directions for your clients.

Presented by: Paul Chatterton & Irene Anderson

 Limited spaces remaining!

Yes You Can Coach! Discover the secrets that all coaches know and learn proven methods of moving your clients forward from paralysis into action. Irene Anderson and Paul Chatterton will share many coaching techniques to help you create your own dance. 

• Learn how to LISTEN for the inner voices (Inner Coach, Inner Critic). Who’s in the driver’s seat?

• No JUDGING! LEARN how to work with your client’s agenda, still your inner voices and LISTEN on a deep level. LEARN self management techniques.

• BE CURIOUS! Discover Type and Temperament behaviours that may become barriers.

• UNLOCK your inner leader. LEARN how to build accountability into your coaching.

• LEARN the art of asking POWERFUL questions that will help your clients uncover and explore CHOICES.

• What’s POSSIBLE? Get out of your Type or Temperament

This will be an interactive – hands on session – come prepared to coach and be coached! And give and take feedback.

Paul Chatterton is a Consultant with the Leadership & Organizational Development Department of the LCBO; he is also a Certified Professional Co-active Coach (CPCC) with the Coaches Training Institute (CTI) and a Personality Type and Temperament facilitator, utilizing the MajorsPTI and Personality Dimensions.

Irene Anderson cc Career Coach, Facilitator, author is Director of DiscoveryWorks! Coaching and Training. Irene’s passion is helping people maximize their performance both individually and in teams.  Irene has extensive experience in Personal Development and Leadership.

  September 14th, 2011

North York Civic Centre – Toronto

6:00pm – 9:30pm

Call Neil in the OAAPT office at 905-760-1339 to reserve your space, or click here to download the registration form.

OAAPT Annual Conference: Talking In Type

November 4 – 5, 2011,  Stage West All Suite Hotel, 5400 Dixie Road, Mississauga
Join us for a show-stopping event featuring many top facilitators in the field. This is one conference you really don’t want to miss.  For more details and inspiration, visit the conference website at

Annual Conference Opening Keynote Speaker Spotlight

Personality Type — It’s All  in Your Head — with Scott Campbell
Many of us know Scott as a very active member of the OAAPT community. He has been Board President, Master of Ceremonies, and frequent seminar leader.  This time he will kick off the Conference Saturday morning with a topic that so fascinates him it is contagious.  We asked Scott if he could provide us with a taste of what’s to come. Click to read Scott’s article called It’s Not Brain Science and enjoy!

Annual Conference Morning Workshop Leaders Spotlight!

Communicating Successfully in the Workplace — with Dr. Susan Geary and Anne Bulstrode
No strangers to the OAAPT community these two dynamic women co-authored the book, “Colour Savvy: Helping You Achieve Success in Your Work Life”. 

Book Review by Kate Jones
Click Colour Savvy Review to read more about Colour Savvy!



President OAAPT
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1 Response to Summer Newsletter

  1. Carole Cameron says:

    Love the new marketing! Well done.

    P.S. Scott was never the President of the OAAPT board. He was Pres. Elect at one time but stepped down.

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