Greens and Golds Blend into Diamonds

A diamond denotes value and quality. Diamonds measure the world with a yardstick that has pride at one end and humiliation at the other. They are concerned with beauty, developed skills, special knowledge, appearance and recognition. These are allmeasures of success in the minds of Diamonds. They are very conscious that they and others are giving their best and presenting themselves in the best possible light. As leaders they are content to stay in the background, but everyone knows that they are the source of power.

Diamonds are calm and deliberate with little emotion. Being gushy is considered too sentimental. Praise is not something that Diamonds engage in lightly, either for others or themselves. It has to be sincere and well-deserved, yet understated. It is understood who is most qualified and the power behind the throne. They work hard and expect to be justly rewarded.

Duty and mutual respect are expected in matters of love. Their emotional investment in others is more calculated. Loyalty to their loved ones plays a big role in their relationships. They express their love by doing and giving rather than words of appreciation and spontaneous expressions of affection. Diamonds like to have a clear understanding of where things stand in all their relationships. They may need to learn these other skills to meet the needs of their loved ones.

Greens want lots of information to make the best decision while the Golds need to act responsibly and achieve their goals. Diamonds can find themselves in a quandary as to what is their best course of action. It can be a paralysis of analysis. A spontaneous partner can help move them along or there can be a lot of conflict that will need to be frequentlyresolved.

Because of their high standards, they can be critical of others, leading to resentment by others if expressed too openly.

By Jack Falt



President OAAPT
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