Tips &Tricks Corner by Paul Chatterton

One of my icebreakers that I use for the beginning of a Type workshop involves a box of miscellaneous objects. Inside are more than enough objects to involve all participants, and may include the following items:

 • a rubber finger tip • eraser • paper clip • elastic band • staple remover • small puzzles

 • straw • glue stick • small toys • deflated balloon• small office supplies• paraphernalia from the client’s business such as buttons, pins, quick reference guides (hand size), small training materials, etc. Basically any small objects

1. I hold the box above their heads and walk around the room asking each participant to reach up and grab one item from the box.

2. When everyone has something in their hands, I ask them to take a minute and be prepared to tell the group why this article is like you, not like you, or both. This usually results in some good insights into personality and a few laughs as well. A nice way to start the workshop and, as all good icebreakers should, it is related to the topic.

This is great for team building as people open up a little and understanding of fellow team members is increased.

Do you have a Tip or Trick you have learned over the years

and would like to share with us? Please send it in an e-mail it to:



President OAAPT
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