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A community of Type and Temperament Practitioners.

The Ontario Association for the Application of Personality Type (OAAPT) is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to promoting an understanding of Personality type and Temperament, and the effective and ethical applications of Type, Temperament, and other related instruments.

Our events, conferences and publications feature experts in Personality Type and Temperament. Some examples of our offerings are:

“Thinking Woman, Feeling Man”

Type and Mid-life

Creativity and Type

Emotional Intelligence

“Colour Savvy”

Type and Coaching

“Getting Business isn’t Magic.”

Our learning opportunities help members foster greater understanding, best practices and develop expertise in the area of Type and Temperament.


OAAPT is the Ontario chapter of the APTi (International Association for the Application of Personality Type) Being a member of this group lends credibility to our practitioners. In these times, personality tests and quizzes are all over the Internet – working with qualified practitioners who know how to de-brief clients is critical to the proper use of these tools.